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My first time writing a story, I hope it's not to bad. Part two should be out soon! 

It was a lovely warm afternoon in Ponyville and Rarity woke up with a stuffy nose and a small sneeze "eehhsshheew!" She rubbed her muzzle and sniffled "Ugh, Sweetie Belle, you gave me you're cold!" She yelled from her bed. 
Sweetie Belle rushed into her sister's bedroom "I'm sorry, Rarity" she looked to the floor with an upset face. Rarity sluggishly got out of bed and instantly her nose started running like a waterfall, she sniffled, but that was a bad idea because she then felt a sudden tickle shoot up her nasal cavity "EhhhSHHHOO!" She turned her head from Sweetie Belle and sprayed to her right. 
"Bless you!" Sweetie Belle said to her sister "Maybe you shouldn't get out of bed, I'll get Scootaloo and Apple Bloom and we'll all help you!" She bounced up and down excitedly.
"No Sweetie, I'm busy. I have a dinner to set up for my friends later today" she sniffed again and felt another tickle, but just brushed her nose with her hoof.
"Aww..." Sweetie Belle's ears fell, but suddenly shot back up again "Maybe I can help you make the dinner!" 
"No" Rarity said walking out of her room "I have to buy some thi..." The tickle grew larger and her nostrils flared "Heehhchhooo!" A string of snot hung out of her nose, she blew her nose with a tissue Sweetie Belle was holding up to her. 
"Thank you, Sweetie" she blew her nose loudly and snot drenched the tissue. Rarity tossed the soaked tissue into her wastebasket and walked into the kitchen, grabbing her saddlebag.
"Rarity, you need to lie down, you're sick! Remember when I was sick two days ago and you made me stay in bed? Well, you need to stay in you're bed too, or you'll just get worse!" 
"Sweetie Belle! I'm you're older sister! I can make my own decisions! I'm not going back to bed right now!" She yelled at Sweetie Belle and another tickle shot up her right nostril, she just sniffed.
"Okay then, don't come to me when you're feeling bad, cause I'm not helping you! I'm going to go see Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle stomped away from Rarity's house. Rarity rolled her eyes and close her door, sniffing again afterwards.

She arrived at the Ponyville grocery store and opened the door. She walked in and sighed thinking about how busy the store was. How can she sneeze with out everypony looking at her? She'll just have to pick up the things she needs and leave. 
She grabbed a mini basket with her magic and chose an aisle to start with. She suddenly felt a tickle crawl up her nostril, setting every alarm in her brain. She rubbed her nose, but that didn't work. She tried sniffing, but that made it even worse "Ehh..." She held a hoof up to her nose "Hehh..." Her nostrils flared and she sneezed into her hoof "Eeeehhhshhhheeew!" She sniffed and saw that another pony was watching.  Rarity's face turned red. The pony that saw her sneeze, made a grossed out face and trotted away in urgency. 
Rarity sighed and grabbed a loaf of bread, she moved on to the next aisle and other tickle came, this time much stronger than the last one. She didn't want to sneeze in front of tons of ponies that were around her, so she rubbed her nose with her hoof. Even with rubbing, the tickle wasn't leaving, she rubbed harder and felt her nostrils twitch and start to flare. She also started to hitch quietly "Hheeh...ehh...ehh!" She thought maybe she could make it quiet "Ehh...CHNXX! Chnnggxx! NNGXX! EHHHSHHHEEW!" The last sneeze came unexpectedly and loud. Everypony in the aisle looked at her and she blushed, her face turning a dark red in embarrassment. She quickly grabbed what she need and trotting onto the next aisle, she sniffled and blew her nose quietly.

After an hour of shopping for food and supplies, she put her stuffy away and sat down on her red couch. She grabbed a tissue from a tissue box on a shelf next to her couch and blew her nose. She sniffled again making another tickle come. This time, she just let it over take her "hehh...ehh...EHHH!" Her head lifted up and her nostrils flared, she knew this was going to be a big one "heh...ehhh...EHHHSHHHEEEEW!" She sneezed spraying everything in front of her and she knew she wasn't done "Haatchhooo! Hihhchooo! Ehhhshhhhheeww! Hehh...ehh...hehh..." The last sneeze was stuck, she sniffled and tried blowing her nose, but instead blew out a sneeze "HHAAAATTTCHOOOO!" The force of her sneeze made her fall off her couch. She quickly got back up and walked into her bedroom. She thinks that if she sleep for a few hours, she'll be better by the time her friends come.


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